Line and Shine Pop Star…

…oh, so bright!!!

Yes, this is what I tought the first time I saw this eye pencil.
Line and Shine in Pop Star is a product I love, I have also the Rock Star (the sold out pencil with big silver glitters in a black base), but this one can be use so easily and daily even if it’s so bright and 80’s.
My favourite way to use it is as eyeliner. It has a pearly teal end and an electric blue end. The blue eyeshadow is super creamy, can last long and, most of all, makes the eyes awake and whiter. (These are some old photos I’ve found)

With Line and Shine you can do a fun double winged eyeliner too! Use one colour on the upper lash line and the other colour underneath the bottom lash  line! I did it but I haven’t found the picture on the pc.
In the morning, instead of the simple black eyeliner, the electric blue will give a particular twist to your daytime look! This is why I like it.
It costs 6€ at

Have you ever tried it?
kisses Valens



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