New: Essence trend editions (English+Italiano)

Voglia di novità? In Italia sono state lanciate e saranno ancora disponibili per il mese di Giugno due nuove trend edition: “Rebels” e “Fruity”.
“Rebel” è una collezione audace, per ragazze di carattere, che unisce toni neutri ad altri decisamente neon: il must della stagione!
“Fruity”: un concentrato energetico di frutta per mani e viso.
Cliccate qui per leggere l’intero post con descrizione dei singoli prodotti e relativi prezzi. Se avete provato un prodotto da queste due collezioni, non esitate a scrivere un commento. Adoro leggere le vostre opinioni!

Are you ready to became a preppy gal?

“This trend edition is inspired by the clean, retro-sporty preppy look of the 30’s, which is enjoying a true revival at the moment! The products of “a new league” combine trendy colors and shimmering effects for a fresh look. And as the special highlight of this trend edition, let us present the colorful and transparent hair ties – game, set and match for “a new league”.”

essence a new league – nail polish
New league – new nail colors! To ensure perfectly styled nails when you receive your trophy, “a new league” offers long-lasting nail polish in bright colors with great coverage – plain or with a light metallic effect. Available in 01 my retro jacket’s red, 02 too blue to be true, 03 oh de prep and 04 tommy’s favorite green.

essence a new league – multi-colour bronzing powder
The four perfectly aligned shades in the bronzing powder are sure to make any opponent on the tennis court pale in comparison. With its popular argyle pattern, this fabulous powder with a matte finish is a real eye-catcher! Available in 01 go classy, go retro.

essence a new league – soft touch eyeshadow
Pearly eyes! This eyeshadow offers perfectly aligned, subtle colors with a wonderfully creamy texture. The smooth, shimmering eyeshadow comes in a premium glass tub, lasts all day and is ideal for active girls. Feel like a game of golf? Available in 01 my caddy in the wind, 02 happy preppy and 03 oh de prep.

essence a new league – hair ties
These elastic hair ties in three vibrant colors come in a see-through bag and ensure a stylish appearance – and not just on the tennis court! The ties are sure to stay in shape thanks to the flexible material and are guaranteed to outlast any match. Available in 01 let’s hit the court.

essence a new league – pocket brush
The practical folding brush shouldn’t be missing from any (sports) bags. Thanks to its integrated mirror, you can check and re-do your hair whenever and wherever you are – an unbeatable team! Available in 01 match ball.

essence a new league – waterproof eyeliner pen
This eyeliner will never be out of play! Thanks to its fine felt-tip, it conjures-up an ultra-accurate line. It’s also especially long-lasting, color-intense and waterproof. This way, you can emphasize your eyes with deep black or brown eyeliner for an expressive look. Available in 01 came – saw and conquered and 02 oh de prep.

essence a new league – lip tint
Sporty lips! The long-lasting jelly texture of the lip tint pampers your lips and stains them with a strong, intense red. Available in 01 my retro jacket’s red.

Summer is around the corner, so trow away your boots and wear sandals: “Show your feet”!
As the name explains, this collection is all about nails and toes.
Let’s read how the Essence hq describes this collection:

“Temperatures are rising and we’re getting into a super-barefoot-summer mood! So that nothing can spoil our joyous anticipation at being reunited with our flip-flops, peep toes & sandals, the essence show your feet trend edition “barefoot beauties” presents a special product collection to highlight your gorgeous feet, nails and legs in May and June 2012. Practical beauty helpers make winter feet look pampered, fresh and stylish again in a flash! Now your feet will be beautiful enough to show off in your new flip-flops!”

essence show your feet barefoot beauties – toe nail polish
Spring evokes a passion for color, color, color! So the motto of barefoot beauties is of course: color your nails! Green? Violet? Blue? Coral or Red? With five bright colors that offer your toe nails fabulous coverage and long-lasting style, the ultimate summer feeling is only a brush-stroke away! Available in the colors 21 purple party, 22 green lagoon, 23 underwater love and 24 coral me beautiful, 25 kiss of the mermaid.

essence show your feet barefoot beauties – ankle bracelet
Pampered summer legs and feet look even more gorgeous with jewelry! This cute ankle bracelet by essence sets colorful accents on your ankle with its enticing turquoise or violet shades and Mediterranean pendants and pearls. A stylish finishing touch for all barefoot beauties!

essence show your feet barefoot beauties – super-soft toe separator
If you change the color of your toe nails often, you probably like it pretty, comfortable and quick. So it’s great news that there are super-soft toe separators by essence! The soft material ideally adapts to the shape of your toes, separates them perfectly and makes applying nail polish super easy. A perfect little helper for the most gorgeous accessory of the summer 2012!

essence show your feet barefoot beauties – toe protection gel stripes
Flip-flop lovers take note: from now on, you can say goodbye to that pesky ache between your toes when you wear a new pair! These practical transparent gel stripes by essence are shaped in such a way that they are almost invisible but are still ultra-effective. No chaffing, no pressure points – simply fix the sticky side of the strip around the toe-strap and get the summer party started!

If your favourite tale was Snow White, this is the collection made for you and your inner child.
In Essence’s opinion this is a “true fairytale for fashionistas”, let’see the products and let me know it you agree.

essence snow white – nail polish
When snow white chooses the trendiest colors of the season, you can be sure that things are going to be colorful and playful – bright colors with great coverage conquer your nails and create imaginative styles. The highlight: the nail polish “snow white” comes in a 7 ml bottle and is a little bigger than the “seven dwarves” to bring the fairytale into your cosmetics bag in true Disney style. Available in the colors 01 snow white (7 ml), 02 grumpy, 03 doc, 04 happy, 05 sneezy, 06 sleepy, 07 bashful and 08 dopey (5 ml).

essence snow white – special effect topper
Sigh, what a wonderful happy ending – three magical top coats give your nails an enchanting finish. From mystical to romantic – holo effects and glitter particles conjure fairytale looks onto the tips of your nails. These special effects won’t be lost on any princes! Available in 01 evil queen, 02 the huntsman and 03 prince charming.

essence snow white – nail file
For a change, even the evil stepmother is useful for your nails without any wicked ulterior motives. This queenly nail file is super practical when you’re on the go and will whip your nails into shape in a flash – magical!

essence snow white – nail art sticker
Who is the fairest of them all? Everyone is! Because with these cheerful apple and dwarf stickers, one nail is more gorgeous than the next. The “snow white” nail art stickers are the crowning glory for the cute and colorful nail polishes. Let’s go – an exciting adventure awaits you! Available in 01 heigh-ho, heigh-ho (1 design with 5 foils).

So, what do you think of all these new trend editions and products?
Honestly, as nail fanatic, I must confess that I find very interesting the nail polish collections, especially the Snow White Toppers and Show your feet ones.
The “A new league” looks very nice, I love the concept and the fresh look it purposes. The multi colour bronzing powder attractes me so much, probably for its design and I think the waterproof eyeliner pens are great for summer since I know the pen packaging is super confortable and a waterproof formula is a must for the season.


Infos and picture gently provided by Essence


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