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It’s been ages since my last ‘appearance’ on YouTube that I could define being rather evanescent. Anyway, here’s my new video: a review. Enjoy and subscribe if you’d like (it’s very welcome though and would make me happy) because I don’t know when I’ll be back…
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Era da un’eternità che non apparivo su YouTube. Infatti, l’ultimo video era solo un riflesso di me! Oggi ho deciso di pubblicare qualcosa: una video review. Buona visione! Iscrivetevi, se vi va (a me farebbe piacere e mi rallegrerebbe la giornata). Non so quando tornerò…

Beauty, skincare and Italy on and ItalianMemories + expat blogger’s life (digest May 2020)

Another month has gone! May was pretty fruitful and I’ve been enjoying typing and unboxing on Facebook.
So (again) where were we? There’s beauty but also more drops of skincare and pinnable tutorials! Click the banner to read the full blog on

This funny bunny is a terrarium from “My 10 cheap tips to restyle your living room“. Pop in there and unlock your discount. 25%OFF at photowall


Ok, the pandemic sucks but I love my sweet isolation… on ItalianMemories I’ve banned
the virus!

What else?

Else… Oh, this. More from my super exciting daily life on Instagram and more content on the website, of course!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

Beauty, culture and coronavirus on and ItalianMemories + expat blogger’s life (digest April 2020)

You’ve lost some pearls but I can’t blame you… this pandemic has been manic for everyone! I just did a short trip to pre-locked-down Italy and I also found myself in a locked local hospital, cause: ‘coronavirus’ (click here for a story full of adrenalin).

So… where were we? Beauty? Click the banners below to read what’s new on lips, hair and nail-related review, and also a very helpful guide to surgical masks…
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I’ve been to Italy at the end of February and, once back home, I typed some memories of Italy, other ‘Italian Memories’! There’s something about the virus, of course, but if you visit the memory site, you’ll find other tasty peculiarities and seasonal traditions…

preti, tecnologia ed epic failItalia contro il coronavirusCittà italiane in lock down, bellezza desolataPrime impressioni sulla pandemia

News: I’m on my way to accept the fact that my hair is going to be irremediably white soon, so I found a solution…


That’s all for now! Don’t miss other precious pearls, follow my Instagram profile and the website to be always updated on everything, my life and Italy.

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

Beauty, fashion and more on, ItalianMemories and life (digest end 2019)

You’ve missed bits and pieces but there’s still time to catch up with them… (now)! Beauty, fashion events and all sorts of treatments, for the silkiest hair you’ve ever desired and more: this is what’s on You can find it by clicking the banners below. And, if you scroll a bit further down…

Copia di Intricate Lineart New Year Facebook PostCopia di Intricate Lineart New Year Facebook Post (2)Copia di Intricate Lineart New Year Facebook Post (3)Copia di Intricate Lineart New Year Facebook Post (4)Copia di Intricate Lineart New Year Facebook Post (6)

This is for you, who’s dreaming of Italy. The newest post on ItalianMemories is about literature and life lessons
Do you know who’s this man and what you can learn from him? He’s the philosopher engineer!

Italian literature loss 2019 De Crescenzo

Y’ know, I don’t produce so many gossip-able news. After all, my life is pretty boring but there’s something new: I graduated!

Valentina Chirico class 2019 Egyptology University of Birmingham

Happy new year. We’ll keep in touch if you want to.


Valentina Chirico aka Valens


New starts: and more…

Long time since my last post, huh? Yes, indeed, but many things have happened since 2017: I changed home several times and moved country too! Right now, I’m writing from Birmingham, where I live and work. I’m going to graduate in Egyptology pretty soon: a great goal I couldn’t achieve without determination and some love.

New life in Birmingham

I experienced some ups and downs as often happens in life but I’m still here to share more stories from my new ‘homes’. Join me at That small personal blog – known as Valens… per voi –  house of beauty and indie designers is new and improved. While being away and bored with a shitty job, I launched my very personal guide and diary to Italy and Italian culture: ItalianMemories, because my memories are coming back and itch like hell. I must share them with a huge laugh.

Italian Memories by Valentina Chirico

This new life was the result of a huge jump towards the unknown and I wish I could inspire you to make a leap of faith: I covered this and more on the University of Birmingham PG Recruitment Blog.

Valentina Chirico for UoB PG Recruitment Blog

In these 3 years, I’ve been blessed to discovered places, people and things. I have many ‘virtual postcards’ and ‘insta blogs’ on my Instagram page, where you can have a taste of this new world…

I hope you can stay with me on this new journey, bab.

Valentina Chirico aka Valens